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Techno-Scammer Is “Hacker of Interest”

Even Paranoid Bloggers Have Enemies Minutes after my March 25th post went up, my blog site was hacked down. Probable cause points to the group featured in that post, which announced the co-winner of the Outstanding Techno-Scammer Award for 2011. That makes two hackings in six months by two different techno-scammers. Weeks before the latest […]

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The School for Scamsters

If you can’t beat them, be a consultant.  $F$  My epiphany moment came today. There it was, dollar signs shining in the sky. Intelligent Design  at work, but I too insensitive to see a Higher Purpose guiding my research into techno scams: Be a techno scam consultant, dummy! A growth industry, unhampered by serious regulation, […]

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Mutual Benefits Joins GCC of C

Mutual Benefits Joins GCC of C

New Source for Commencement Speakers? After I told the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce (GCCC) about the unauthorized use of the GCCC logo by the Mutual Benefits website (it implied an endorsement), the GCCC recruited Mutual Benefits as a member. However, the GCCC may need to add a new category—like techno scam. Rather than being […]

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New Award: Top Techno Scam in 2011

New Award: Top Techno Scam in 2011

For Creativity in Techno Scamming When no other economic stimulus idea works, get the words entrepreneurial and spirit into the mix: President Obama and top GOP candidates agree our entrepreneurial spirit can lift us out of our economic doldrums. It may be an admission they have run out of ideas of their own—complete with the […]

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My Blog Is Back...

My Blog Is Back…

And International-Destinations Is Still Doing Its Thing You have to admire International-Destinations for unwavering determination to take down my blog. They hacked and hacked until the blog went down. They were creative: They made the blog appear to send enough sexually offensive messages until the Internet server “suspended” it. After all, a blog like mine […]

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