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How Sequester Will Punish Consumers

Sequester pain for consumers Tweet

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The School for Scamsters

If you can’t beat them, be a consultant.  $F$  My epiphany moment came today. There it was, dollar signs shining in the sky. Intelligent Design  at work, but I too insensitive to see a Higher Purpose guiding my research into techno scams: Be a techno scam consultant, dummy! A growth industry, unhampered by serious regulation, […]

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FTC CAPs Scamsters

CONSUMER SENTINEL  NETWORK I have uncovered a secret weapon used by the Federal Trade Commission: CAP. It’s the acronym for Collect-And-Post. It is the weapon of choice for battling scamsters that engage in credit card fraud, identity theft and Do-Not-Call violations. When consumers report them, the scamsters are listed on the Consumer Sentinel Network. The […]

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My Blog Is Back...

My Blog Is Back…

And International-Destinations Is Still Doing Its Thing You have to admire International-Destinations for unwavering determination to take down my blog. They hacked and hacked until the blog went down. They were creative: They made the blog appear to send enough sexually offensive messages until the Internet server “suspended” it. After all, a blog like mine […]

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Scam Sightings

Scam Sightings

Part 1:Low Grade Scam By International-Destinations International-Destinations has a scam so glaringly obvious that it makes me admire professionals who are impressively creative when they are outrageously crooked. Brief: A FAX arrived as a Memo with the Continental Airlines Logo displayed. It came from the H. R. DEPT of an otherwise unnamed company. It offers […]

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Why DO NOT CALL Doesn't Work

Why DO NOT CALL Doesn’t Work

Just like any other large organization that feels compelled to publish a mission statement, the Federal Trade Commission states a mission and dodges implementation. At least the FTC mentions consumers: The mission of the Federal Trade Commission is to prevent unfair competition and to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the […]

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