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Customer Disservice at Post-Christmas

Forget the excuses for not easily reaching or getting the level of service promised. Tweet

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Business Language Translated for Consumers Corp-Speak  1. Corporate: use words and phrases without fully informing consumers, alarming stockholders or alerting regulators. 2. Consumerist: create new words and define old to assist consumers in clarification of corporate language. Corporations hire experts to massage language used in promotions, guarantees and plea bargains. The corporate concern is that anything […]

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A Corporate Pincer Episode

Abuse Cluster pin•cer  double envelopment military movement Being abused by one large corporation is bad enough. If several gang up, we consumerists are in a pincer. When my wife’s Microsoft Outlook email stopped working last week, each of the corporations needed for the service tried to send me to one of the others: Covad Communications […]

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