2015 Awards For Abuse of Consumers


Once again candidates proliferate for consumer abuse awards. In 2015 they even seem to self-select. Examples: As Comcast grows, so does its disregard for consumers. Hewlett Packard has made comical management into an art form, but there are late-year signs of hope as HP splits into 2 pieces. The good news is that when consumers become consumerists, compensation and comedy remain plentiful.

This year there is a new award. Usually I stick only with exposure of bad corporations and people who run them. This year I had a rare moment of being positive that led to a new award: Consumerist of the Year. Admittedly, there are people who—probably unknowingly—help consumerist causes. They may be alarmed to hear that they are being recognized as consumerists. Nevertheless their work helps our cause.

The Golden Fleece Award inspired me to create awards for abusers of consumers. The Golden Fleece Award used to be given to the government official who squandered public money on a project of improbable public value. It was invented in 1975 by Senator William Proxmire (D-Wisconsin). Since Senator Proxmire passed on, no United States senator has had time—or interest—in taking up the tradition. In 2016 I pledge to try to find the US senator willing to resurrect the practice.


Consumerist Of  The Year  For outstanding efforts to reduce abuse of consumers.

Nominees for 2015 are Senator Elizabeth Warren and Judge Jed S. Rakoff.

Outstanding Customer Disservice For customer disservice above and beyond consumer patience and forbearance.

Nominees for 2015 are Comcast, Hewlett Packard, and New Jersey’s Office of Consumer Affairs.

Lufthansa won the 2014 award for not informing passengers of cancelled flights until they arrived at the airport. See post of 3 Feb 2015,

Overcome By Complexity  For executive inability to deal with complicated systems in time to avoid needless consumer abuse and expense.

Nominees for 2015 are SONY and United Airlines.

In 2014 there was a tie between POTUS and PORTLY (the SecretService code names for President Obama and Governor Christie).

Fly The Flag Proudly  To encourage the winning American company to proudly fly the flag of the country of its major outsourcing.  

2015 nominees are Apple, Hewlett Packard and  WNYC (National Public Radio).

In 2014 Apple Computer was the winner.

Fleecer of the Year For development of barely legal ways to collect huge sums of without going to jail.

Nominees are best found during the send-up to the Christmas shopping season. Stay tuned.

The 2014 The award winner was Jaime Dimon and the Board of of JPMorgan. They gave  Jamie a multi-million dollar raise for settling federal agency lawsuits by paying billions–some of it tax deductible–without admitting guilt for their conduct in nearly toppling the American financial system in 2008

Overwhelmed by Technology For selling products fully reliant upon technological capacity not fully available.

No award in 2014.

Outstanding Techno-Scam  Recognition for technological  ingenuity with criminal intent to achieve  credit card capture for quick cash transfer. 

No award in2014.

Done In By DIY For  transferring customer service t0 customers.

No  award in 2014.

[Updated 19 Nov 2015]