The Author

My background is professional publishing, marketing and management. I started as a college English professor , was lured into publishing and eventually the CEO and eventually owner of a company that helped public broadcasting and several publishers into the new worlds of videocassette telemarketing and customer service.

If you remember the magnificent Ken Burns’ The Civil War series, I was the guy who convinced PBS to offer the series with a 60-second  commercial at the end of each night’s episode offering videocassettes of the series. (It was initially shown on 5 consecutive nights in prime time.) At the time, many PBS stations resisted what they thought was “going commercial.”  Turned out it was the beginning of staying on air with far less public funding.

I was the Media Publisher at Random House in the 1980s. There were only two publishers at Random House in those days: The famous, talented Robert Gottlieb and me, the infamous fellow who said video was coming as a product very differ ent from books. a com. Like most publishers at that time, Random House was first challenged b yaudio books and mystified by videocassettes. The e-book was unimaginable. The word blog did not exist and the Internet was a rumor.

My formal education: BA, Trinity College; MA, University of Iowa Writers Workshop; MA, Stanford University (Communications); MBA, Pepperdine University.

Books and Textbook Series:

The Consumerist Manifesto Handbook, 1st Edition, Sterling, 2011. 2nd Edition, IntoPrint, 2014 (Print and e-book)

 Asking “Just Right” Business Questions (co-authored with Professor Curtis Page), Crown, 1987

Spell/Write, a textbook series for Grades 1-8, Noble and Noble Publishers, 1971

[Updated 19 Oct 2017]