About The Blogger

Photo by Mike Peters

I have been a consumerist for four decades. Over those years corporations have increased their “ownership” of our government. While publicly proclaiming how government interferes with business, corporations have privately deployed lobbyists and campaign contribution “investments” to get the government they like. It is a form of “socialism” for corporate entitlement programs, protection from consumers and preferential tax treatment. The result is the “market state” we consumers deal with every day: Tilted to favor corporations over consumers.

Neither my blog nor book will not change the market state. What the blog and book may do is show readers how to fight back. The victories can be satisfying psychologically and financially. Over the last 40 years corporations have entertained me with their attempts to explain and apologize–and enriched me with over $120,000 (adjusted for inflation) in cash, credits and upgraded products. My book recounts many of the more comical episodes and suggests practical ways and examples for use by abused consumers. The blog humorously deals with current issues of interest to consumers.

My MBA (Pepperdine, 1978) showed me how the corporate tactics that fleece consumers can be turned back by consumers on corporations.  My MA in Communications (Stanford, 1972) trained me in the underlying techniques of promotion and advertising that support corporate deception of consumers.

My organizing principle is Treat corporations the way corporations treat consumers. It has worked for 40 years. The compensation keeps coming along with the comedy. It will not change the world, but it may benefit readers.