About The Blog

I blog humorously* about corporations and organizations that abuse consumers. My posts spring from products and services that I bought but which did not live up to my standards. Often trey are about issues that important to consumers–and vital ti consumerists. My standards are high: I expect perfection–as perfect as the dollars I paid for them or as consistent as promotional promises implied. This keeps me busy and  endlessly amused. (I have been doing this for about 50 years.) You will hopefully get some laughs and a few good ideas about what to do when a corporation abuses you. And there are no hidden motives like renting or selling or bartering a list of those who visit my blog–except for selling my little book.

By the way, people new to my style have sometimes wondered, “Abuse?”  That’s right: abuse is the right word to describe corporations that deceive consumers, sell defective products and transform customer service into customer self-service. What would you call it: Concern for customer satisfaction? Ways of showing love of customers?

*Although the targets of my satire sometimes do not find my posts as funny as most of my readers  do.

[Updated 20 October 2014]