But Forgets Who Bailed Them Out

This time around Citi quickly agreed to drop another attempt to collect an $85 Annual Fee for another of my Citi charge cards. It took just two toll-free calls and involved three operators in just 12 minutes to accomplish the objective. That’s $170 in dropped fees so far this year when Citi was challenged—plus several thousand airline points to soothe my annoyance.

My replacement card arrived with the standard instruction to call an 800-Number to activate the new card before destroying the about-to-expire old card. An outsourcer in the Philippines answered my call. When I explained there would be no activation without annual fee cancellation, the operator said she only did activations—and could not transfer me to Citi in the USA. Hmm…one-way outsourcing to the Philippines? Did the good people of the Philippines help bail out Citi in 2009? Why not send those jobs to Americans who shelled out for the Citi bailout? What is Citi thinking?

The next call was answered in Missouri. Encouraging, but that Citi operator was not empowered to cancel annual fees. He transferred me to a Citi higher-up in South Dakota who quickly took care of dropping the annual fee. But she would not call it a cancellation. Rather, it was in recognition of my good record as a Citicard user. In other words, Citi’s management (or legal team) is wary of creating a precedent in which a consumer gets a fee cancelled. Citi stays in control by making it a reward from Citi, like tossing me a biscuit after I jumped through a flaming hoop. Woof woof. Yum yum.

Ah, Citibank, how you love to pursue deception—self-deception, perhaps? Citi outsources jobs while the latest US figures show only 18,000 new jobs were created last month for the whole country. Citi thinks Americans have short memories. Some do, but not consumerists.


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  1. James Luce July 13, 2011 at 10:48 am #

    You forgot to mention that not so long ago the World Bank (aka: The US taxpayer) bailed Citibank out of its gambles in Latin America…especially in Argentina, twice over a 19 year period. So not only are currently unemployed Americans being ignored, so also are the millions of US tax payers who have bailed out so many other countries whose people would otherwise have been unemployed without our bailout. Note also that nobody ever asked Citibank to pay back any of that money to its unwitting contributors. The recent “bailout” of the US Financial markets is only the most publicly acknowledged. Many more billions have been gobbled up before by Citibank, B of A, etc. By the way,…it was not a bailout., A bailout is when you pump water out of a ship to keep it afloat. In the case of the Melt Down, money was pumped out of the taxpayers’ pockets and poured into the coffers of the banks to keep them afloat. .