Just Got a Message from the White House

A couple of weeks ago President Obama reached out to me about a possible dinner meeting. I bet it has to do with my campaign to support Elizabeth Warren. Just a few minutes ago Jim Messina (who works for the president) let me know my chances have improved—and that the president has a special message for me. I think the dinner date is now just a matter of arranging a mutually convenient date. Link:

If you have any matters you want discussed with President Obama, let me know right away because these things happen with short notice. To be ready, I have given the White House the best location for where Helicopter One can land to pick me up. Also I am preparing my Talking Points list. I doubt I’ll get more than the 5 minutes usually allotted, so keep your ideas brief and succinct. Mine are in the form of questions:

What can we consumerists do to help you help us?

Did House Speaker Boehner tear up when you beat him in the golf match?

Can you send drones to take out the auto-dialers that keep calling my DNC number?

OK, people, get to work. This is your best chance to get the president’s undivided attention.



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