Office Of The President Comes Through

Right after yesterday’s post, CITI OWES ME MONEY, the fellow I had talked to in the President’s Office called back. He had done his homework.

His research showed that my account should not have been closed by Customer Service just because I refused to pay the annual charge—and when the Retention Department tried to restore the credit card, the operative’s heart may have been in the right place but her entries in the system were not. Whatever: Citi did not allow me to use my own money.

He finished by saying that for “my time and trouble” Citi was adding 5000 points to my card, a frequent flier “affinity” card. 5000 points are the equivalent of $50 to $250 of the cost of a cross-continent round-trip ticket.

Incidentally, when I first spoke with the fellow, I suggested he listen to the recordings of the conversations I had with Citi to determine whether I was a paranoid consumerist or whether Citi had a management problem. I believe he listened—and that’s why he paid up. Well done, Citi.


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