CVS/Caremark Dodges Blame But Finally Pays

CVS/Caremark logoThe easy part was convincing CVS/Caremark it made an error by sending a prescription to our NJ address instead of our CA address. Accountability was the hard part.

CVS/Caremark processes prescription refills for CVS. What if CVS/C screws up? It had two addresses for me in its system. I refilled two Rx’s, one Rx to be sent to NJ, the other to CA. CVS/C mistakenly sent both to NJ.

When a call to CVS/C uncovered the goof, the question was, What would CVS/C do about it? Answer: As little as it could. CVS/C accountability policy goes through three steps before it moves to responsibility:

Blame customer. CVS/C hinted I mistakenly ordered both to go to NJ. I suggested CVS/C listen to its own recording of my refill order. If I were wrong, I would buy lunch for a pharmacist of CVS/C’s choosing. If CVS/C were wrong, it should order a local CA CVS pharmacy to give me with five extra pills to tide me over until I got back to NJ.

Blame insurance company. Alas, the agent said, my insurance coverage did not provide for extra pills. I said CVS/C was transferring accountability for its error to the consumer.

Transfer call to higher authority. The agent sent my call to a Senior Account Resolution Specialist. He authorized 10 free pills (about $1 each) for me at a nearby CVS drug store.

Am I grateful? Hell no. CVS/C had to be dragged to accountability because it is reluctant to establish a precedent. CVS/C was dodging full accountability for its errors.

The takeaway is that a consumer can make CVS/C pay for its errors.



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