He’s Here To Help

My recent post wondering if birds blocked Comcast’s satellite transmissions attracted the interest of Comcast Bob. (That’s what he calls himself.) He contacted me via Twitter to say he is there for me if I have more Comcast problems. In other words, he is looking out for me on behalf of Comcast.

Bob’s timing is perfect because I have a few FAQCs (Frequently Asked Questions By Consumers):

Why doesn’t Comcast offer channels on an a la carte basis? I can only choose “packages” that always contain more channels of no interest with the few of interest. I am paying for channels I do not want in order to receive the channels I do want. Why not offer complete channel choice to consumers?

Who selects the channel categories and packages? If we cannot have individual cannel choice, why doesn’t Comcast ever ask me what I want to see? Or at least tell consumer the corporate criteria for the package selections?

Why do Comcast overseas back-up service operators seem inferior when compared to American Comcast operators? Is this my imagination? My latest Comcast problem was sent down two blind alleys by outsourcers until the complaint was transferred to a Comcast office in America. What is the training difference between Comcast outsourced operators and non-outsourced operators?

When Bob answers, I’ll share his views on this blog—if he gives permission.

OK, Bob, it’s your turn. (And send your picture if you can.)



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