Cucina Antica Does The Right Thing

It happens: A company admits a mistake up front and makes it right. Saturday night our favorite pasta sauce tasted bad. Really bad—but not until after the sauce was poured on the pasta. Dinner ruined. Sunday I e-mailed a letter to Cucina Antica with questions about how a tomato sauce that had been so good could go so wrong.

Monday morning the owner, Neil Fusco, called. He readily admitted that can happen: Cucina Antica uses fresh tomatoes from Sicily, selected by him and his family. The sauce is not made with preservatives. It is tightly sealed in vacuum jars. He talked about his heritage—the family has been in the tomato business for over 300 years.

He added that his little daughter likes the sauce straight, right from the jar, no pasta needed. I think he would have put her on the phone if he had not been at the office.

Sure, he said, he gets complaints, but few like the one I sent. He said he wanted to make it up to me because I was obviously a loyal customer. He went over what he would put in the case of his sauces that he was sending along with a special pasta handmade in Sicily.

I like this guy. Not because of the case of sauces and pasta, but because he underscores what can happen when company owners stay connected with unhappy consumers. So he inspires the creation of a new category for this blog: A Few Good Managers.

Grazi, Mr. Fusco!



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