The Remains Of My Grill Coil

Grill With Caution

When Thermador’s Lone Ranger Service guy saw where the broiler coil exploded, he agreed the Thermador coil had a weak spot. He said I was lucky that the explosion occurred when the oven door was shut. Don’t take his or my word or for it, look at the picture. See the section that blew? BOOM!!

I am not an alarmist. However, as a consumerist, I know that a defect like this is unlikely to be confined only to my grill coil. If you have a Thermador with an electric broiling grill and are brave enough to use it—or know anyone who does—the following suggestions are offered as a public service:

Apply A Warning Label Your Oven: Feel free to use the red HAZMAT INSIDE label shown above. Grill With Caution is optional. Apply t0 the oven window.

Grill With Heightened Caution Level Red: Other Thermador coils are out there and may be ready to blow. When checking for “doneness” while grilling, I recommend turn the grill to OFF, wait ten seconds, only then open the door. If more grilling is needed, turn ON again. Always turn OFF before opening. Or grill outdoors. Much safer.

Wear Protective Gear: When grilling indoors, be prepared for an unexpected explosion. Wear a helmet , a flack jacket and gloves approved by the Defense Department for handling objects that might explode. Helpful Army/Navy Surplus is available from the Internet. Act now. Supplies might not last when the word gets out.

Check Insurance Coverage: Call your insurer to ask if you are fully protected from an exploding oven. (You may need the Explosive Insurance Oven Rider.)

We live in dangerous times. If you own a Thermador oven, danger may begin at home.

NOTE: So far, no responses from Thermador Customer Service in Huntington Beach CA regarding the exploding grill. The bigger a corporation, the more cautious..



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