Is Trump About To Be A Consumerist?

Me? A Consumerist?

Donald Trump is looking for a new ratings booster. Interest in the birth certificate “issue” is now confined to registered members the Flat Earth Society. What’s next? Abuse of consumers by corporations? It is always there for a politician willing to forego corporate campaign contributions, which may be why most political figures dodge the issue.

Would it work for The Donald? If he directed his signature “You’re fired!” line at corporations that abuse consumers, it would be fun for a while. Real attention getter.

Before he goes there, we ought to know whether Donald Trump is a consumerist or a corporatist. If he is a consumerist, has he ever been a corporatist? He has a tendency to change his mind based on whatever (or whoever) catches his fancy: The Tea Partiers of today would have called him a socialist on healthcare in 2000. But now but he is a Tea Leafist. His Trump Hotels and real estate deals put him firmly in the corporatist camp. Yet the tone, language and subject matter of his latest speeches are aimed at folks regularly abused by corporate failures of every sort, everything from broken quality promises to diminished customer services.

So if consumerism gets his endorsement, it could be like having a thumbs up from Attila the Hun. Donald Trump might wreck consumerist interests by taking up consumer causes. Let’s encourage him to do something better for his image, like fixing his hair.



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