Now Hewlett-Packard Can Fly The Flags Proudly

Hewlett-Packard has won the Consumerist Manifesto Fly The Flag Proudly Award. It beat competition from AT&T and Apple Computer, thanks to its aggressive cost-cutting and comprehensive outsourcing to countries where costs are lower and unions are rumors. According to high-tech industry sources, outsourcing is the American way because it keeps retail prices low, a benefit to American consumers—at least those who have not lost their jobs because of outsourcing.

As can be seen from the picture taken at HP’s Palo Alto HQ, the award solves one problem but creates another for HP: A flagless flagpole is a sign of under-utilization of resources. The award should inspire not just one flag, but many, But this flagpole does not have enough room for all the flags from all the countries to which HP outsourcing goes.

Making awards carries serious responsibilities. Aware of HP’s flagpole space deficit, the FTFP Award Committee recommends study of two possibilities:

1-Build A Bigger Flagpole: Commission a 200-foot flagpole (approximately 20 stories high) for flying flags from HP’s coalition of outsourcers.

2-Create Flagpole Row: Line the entrance to HP corporate with a row of 10 regular size flagpoles for flags from the ten biggest outsource countries as measured by HP dollars saved or number of jobs created in those places.

Either option will attract the attention that HP deserves for its outsource program. As for buying or building new flagpoles, if the flagpole industry has also departed the USA, HP might get a good deal in China where an entrepreneur would throw in a Chinese flag.

Fly the flags proudly, HP!



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