Del Monte Pays Me For Green Bean Defects

As if a stem still attached to one string bean were not enough, another string bean had aging spots. The two beans were from one 14-ounce can of Del Monte Quality Fresh Cut Whole Green Beans. I paid for quality in every bean, not just 48 of the 50 in the can. Quality control was asleep, but we consumerists are awake and vigilant!

Efficiency and effectiveness count when you are a consumerist: An email to Del Monte took three minutes. Del Monte mailed three coupons worth 1.95 each and another for .50, or a grand total of $6.35.

Sounds at first like chump change, right? But it adds up. I average $10-$30/week. Now do the math: Each year my grocery objections exceed the one-time $600 stimulus check sent out in 2009 to help ease the “Great Recession.” But economists argue that instead of one big check, 50 small ones dispensed weekly would do the job better.

Being a consumerist is therefore patriotic. If more people took consumerist actions that resulted in coupons like those sent by Del Monte, the country would benefit. And Del Monte would make a better can of beans.



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