BBB Says I Am Qualified For Accreditation

Everybody needs a pick-up now and then, a way to head the day in the right direction. The Better Business Bureau started my day off right: A 10-minute phone call from the national BBB to tell me that I qualify for “accreditation” because I meet “BBB’s preliminary standards.” In other words, I answered the phone.

The caller, Jennifer Schultz of south Florida, checked me out: What does my company do? I said I thought she already knew—after all, she was calling me. I told her it helped other companies. That got us to the next question: What distinguished my company from competitors? Answer: We do it better than they do. Boom! Accredited!

She summarized the benefits of BBB accreditation. BBB “lets customers know you are accredited.” It “makes customers know you are there” by being listed in BBB’s national directory, Also, I get a certificate, suitable for framing. If I ever need mediation or arbitration, BBB will be there for me. (I wonder if BBB can do that in Wisconsin? I forgot to ask.) And BBB is big: Last year alone she said BBB sent out 107 million Reliability Reports. If anyone asks about me, I’ll have an RR.

Because I like irony, I really liked the linkage benefit. My website address would appear on I checked Jennifer out with the New Jersey BBB that said Jen is one of their associates.

Incidentally, people, you are helping to pay for BBB’s existence. It is a not-for-profit and membership is deductible as a business expense. That means that indirectly we the people subsidize BBB through tax deductible expenses that lower taxes paid by corporations.

To close out the call, she asked me for my credit card so I could instantly join: Just $400 and be fully accredited. That’s how I like to start a day: Instant material for a blog post. Thanks, BBB.



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