The first ever Consumerist Manifesto Corporate Award  for OVERCOME BY COMPLEXITY goes to….Comcast, the cable company on its way to becoming a broadcaster before it keeps all those promises it made to become a cable caster: Quality programs, no commercials, channel choice, and low costs consistent by legal status as a “near monopoly.”

In 2010 Comcast broadcast the wrong schedule and blamed HBO. Had numerous service problems. Its package  of high speed transmission for Internet, cable and phone travels at high speed–but  intermittently, like going 90 mph and occasionally losing a wheel.

Managing technology is not the problem. The problem is managing complexity. It is tough to be too big be to succeed, to get all those parts to work together–but at least there is a reward for not doing so: The OBC.

As soon as someone in service at Comcast is able tell me which exec should receive it, off  the reward will go, suitable  for framing. The problem is that Comcast outsources service overseas to nice enough people who say they do not have Comcast’s home address.



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