Missing Virtual Person Report: Emily of State Farm

My memory is not going. I know I “spoke” to her. Emily has disappeared, plain and simple. She is/was a new creation by State Farm Insurance: a virtual rep. I saw her and chatted with her–as much as you can chat with a virtual rep on a website. She has/had a great smile. I asked her a question about whether or not I had just made a payment. (The site would not say.) She went into endless Retrieving …please wait mode. What prevented her from answering?

I gave up and tried again. I tried CONTACT. No matter what I entered, Emily was no longer there for me. Unseen forces were blocking contact with Emily. I made phone calls to State Farm’s HQ in Bloomington IL. No one would talk about Emily. An iron curtain has descended. Something has happened to her.

Is she missing from virtual action? Did I say something to upset her? Was she fired? Promoted? Outsourced to India?

She is/was the latest FAQ iteration. It may be a groundbreaker, a new way to personalize FAQs. And her smile! Although, come to think of it now, was she laughing with me or at me?

Help: Does anyone know how to file a Missing Virtual Person Report?


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