Dr. Seuss Turned Down Ronald Reagan

When President Reagan awarded medals to a group of recipients that included Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss) at the White House in the 1980s, Geisel said something like this  as they shook hands: “Well, Mr. President, this is different from the last time we met.”

According to Geisel, Reagan paused for a moment and seemed to remember. Ted Geisel, working for Frank Capra in the Army Signal Corps and Reagan, working for the Navy, both served in WWII. They met when Reagan auditioned for the leading role in a film Geisel wrote and would direct.

After seeing the audition, Geisel turned Reagan down. Decades later, Dr. Seuss was proud to have been smart enough to reject Reagan for a role he sought.

Why is this in the Consumerist Blog? Reaganomics was no better for consumers in the 1980s than it would be for consumers its latest transmogrification in Tea Party economic fantasies. Ted would have approved of adding this Seussian footnote to the current Reagan centennial celebrations.


3 Responses to “Dr. Seuss Turned Down Ronald Reagan”

  1. Comrade Paul March 4, 2011 at 12:27 am #

    It is baffling, / waffling, and kertuffling / that Mr. Reagan is so holy cow revered / for merely making the rich richer / while the rest of us get it reared / what is wrong with this picture? / he was an economic pagan!


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