Comcast and NBC Universal Merger Approved

FCC approval is a positive development for consumerists: Comcast, already in the Too Big To Succeed Class, is a consumerist target when it fails to show what it says is ready to be shown.

When Comcast aired HBO The Pacific series, the “On Demand” screen showed an episode as ready to be seen a week before it was. The error was not communicated to viewers or to Comcast’s customer and technical support people. After frustrating tries at seeing the unseeable, I found a tech support guy who figured it out.

What about my wasted time? Comcast’s first line of defense was “producer error,” not Comcast’s fault, i.e., dodge accountability by blaming a supplier. Maybe it was HBO’s error, but I pay Comcast for HBO shows. Takeaway: When corporations fail to deliver, pursue the one you pay, not the one they pay.

Comcast finally issued a credit worth about $90 ($15 per month for 6 months) on my monthly bill to make up for my “inconvenience.” In 2010 Comcast also credited about $100 for a screw-up about which plan I had.

Access to the NBC library of films will make Comcast bigger than ever. The FCC has its reasons for approval of the merger—and I have mine.


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