What Should Yale Do About Kavanaugh?

Has Saturday Night Live pushed Yale to take action?

In a nutshell—or because of a nut—Yale University is probably wrestling with an image management problem: What should Yale do about Brett Kavanaugh’s claims about beer consumption while at Yale compared to what his classmates say? Yale has three options:

Ignore:Whether Kavanaugh becomes an Associate Justice or has to find another line of work, staying above the fray may be Yale’s best way. Time has a way of burying outrageous statements by famous people, unless they follow up with new outrages. What if, as a Justice, Kavanaugh protects President Trump if he is ever indicted for perjury or is tried for his past tax-cheating matters? In other words ignore the hypotheticals unless they turn real.

Deny:Publish a statement that, yes, Kavanaugh does have a B.A. and a law degree from Yale, but those studies did not contribute to his alcohol-related problems while at Yale. Yale should emphasize that the police report of his role in a bar fight in New Haven happened off campus and Kavanaugh avoided time in the pokey for brawling.

Suspend:Withdraw his law degree. It would be a stunner, not to mention courageous. But it has risk/benefit problems. Would suspension of Kavanaugh’s law degree enlarge or reduce contributions to Yale? Also, would suspension of his law degree lead to violence by Kavanaugh’s noisier supporters? Plus, would that rule out Trump ever giving a commencement speech at Yale?

If Yale decision-makers missed the widely watched Saturday Night Liveopening of September 29, seeing a rerun might help them decide what to do about Kavanaugh. If you missed it, here’s a link:

Kavanaugh Hearing Cold #19D8E1D




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