Questions For Melania

Questions For Melania

Yes, I care. Especially about hearing your answers to these questions:

Have those 20,000 kids going to military bases volunteered to join the Army or Navy? If so, that could explain why they are headed for military bases. After they learn to march, will there be a parade?

Why did you wear that jacket? Is there a follow-up jacket with the answer? Or another jacket with a different question? Did you borrow it from Sarah Huckabee? Or has she asked to borrow it from you?

Was the jacket planned to change the public discussion about the kids in the cages?If so, it does not seem to be working.

Do you plan another visit, like to the kids in the cages? If so, don’t get too close because some of them have contagious diseases, like poverty.

“Kids In Cages” has a ring to it. Is there a plan to develop a catchy tune with that title? Idea:  Sing it at the next Republican National Convention and the crowd will go wild.

When will you tell us if you entered our country legally? In 2016 you scheduled—but later cancelled—a news conference regarding the legality of your immigration. Until then, be careful because the immigration people might grab you coming out of Bergdorf-Goodman.

Do you plan to improve your English? Your accent makes you sound like an immigrant. You should get a tutor from the State Department.





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