Trump May Delay Return From Europe

Moscow in May is lovely this time of year.

 Contingency plans are hurriedly being made to extend President Trump’s current trip out of the United States. Aides close to Trump claim several world leaders are clamoring for an extension of his trip. As one aide is said to have put it, “So many requests from so many countries, so little time. Good idea might be to stay longer.”

When asked to identify the countries asking for a Trump visit, the aide said that for security reasons he could not say. The Russian reporters invited to accompany Trump on his trip also refused to speculate, but did comment that Moscow has very pleasant weather this time of year and interest is growing in the possibility of a new Trump Towers that might be built near the Kremlin.

Other accounts suggest that he wants to stay overseas longer to avoid what he calls “the witch hunt” to which he is being subjected by certain senators, US representatives, the FBI and his enemies in the media.

For example, Tuesday’s editorial in the Financial Times (May 23) was critical of his taking sides in the Sunni-Shia disputes. An excerpt from “Trump of Arabia takes sides in sectarian conflict”: Mr. Trump likes the clarity of a battle “between good and evil. But all sectarianism is demonic, and once unleashed, no one can control it. (Page 8)

Gideon Rachman, an FT columnist, in his column “An Erratic Trump is destabilising the world” wrote: Many of America’s allies are in a state of confusion and alarm….China and Russia are taking advantage of the disarray to advance their own interests. (Page 9)

If President Trump thought that health care was “complicated,” as he wades into foreign policy he will find that it more complicated: so many countries, so many cultures, so much history he has not bothered to read, and so many weapons of war.





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