Obama Wiretapped Trump?

What might have been heard?

According to The New York Times* and major news organizations, Trump claims his phone was wiretapped by President Obama last fall. Obama’s denies it was done. Trump provides no proof. Suppose Obama did do it: what would he have heard?

Some conversations might have been hard to understand due to heavy Russian accents. If any calls involved Trump receiving complicated foreign policy matters, sounds of snoring would have been no surprise. There would surely have been lighter moments when Trump said, “You’re fired” (followed by his and his listener’s laughter) or tried out new one-liners about Hillary.

As for hearing insights into actual plans reforming the tax code, overhauling health care, ending foreign aid, reducing the deficit, Middle East peace ideas and bombing Yemen, given the lack of details from Trump now, there surely would have been none then.

Still, wiretapping Trump in the fall after he got national security briefs could have been justified on the basis of protecting national security. After a year of watching Trump campaign for the presidency, a federal judge might have approved a wiretap over the possibility that Trump might leak highly secure information because he talks first and thinks later.

Finally, news coverage of the wiretap claim has so far missed the most obvious explanation. The story is a perfect example of “fake news.” Only this time Trump is the creator rather than the target.

*Trump, Offering No Evidence, Says Obama Tapped His Phones, Michael Shear and Michael Schmidt, The New York Times Internet Edition, 4 March 2017.


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