Trump Will Propose Show Trials

Department of Education to Produce the Series

President Trump is planing a TV series of “show trials” to expose political opposition to making America great. An insider says Vladimir Putin suggested the  idea to Trump in their recent phone conversation.

Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary and Communications Director, commented that before the helpful Putin conversation, President Trump had already been thinking about better ways for the Department of Education to use what will be left of its $68 billion budget after planned cuts.

The working title is “Enemies of the Greatness of America,” or EGOA for short. The setting will be a courtroom with a prosecutor who shows tv clips of well-known Americans being prosecuted for defying Trump’s greatness plans. Trump has asked Rudolph Giuliani to play the role of prosecutor. Six episodes are currently projected.

Spicer added that in a few days President Trump will direct the DOE to get rid of “useless projects” to make the series ready for release this fall.

Two recent Trump tweets indicate the TV series has been on his mind late at night:

Dep of Education has huge budget. Cut by 80% and spend what’s left on national TV shows to educate the whole country

So many enemies, so few episodes. Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Sens McCain and Shmumer, Anderson Cooper, NYTimes & WashPost editors, Merkel, several judges

Insiders believe Trump will dangle a deal for the series to create competition between Comcast and Fox News.




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