Christie to Get Pardon from Trump

An act of generosity for a pal

breaking_news_3-150x150President-Elect Trump will pardon NJ’s Governor Chris Christie “for any federal crimes committed in the past, ongoing in the present or occurring in the future.” The pardon is set for late January. *

Known for never forgetting his enemies, Mr. Trump is equally regarded for remembering his friends, especially when they are not political rivals. At the moment, Chris Christie needs any friend he can find. When announcing the planned pardon, Trump said, “He’s a friend of mine. It’s the least I can do.”

Christie’s popularity in New Jersey is at an all-time low of 18%. (Many are surprised it is that high, but those folks are better informed than most Jerseyites.) This year the Governor has been absent from more than present in New Jersey. He has been busy with failed bids to be the Republican presidential (or vice presidential) candidate, the US Attorney General, or stay in charge of Trump’s Transition Team. All gone.

With nowhere else to go and nothing more to do, Governor Christie has come “home” to New Jersey. To write a book. It’s not clear what the book will be about or how much it will distract him. It is hard to think why a publisher would get excited about a Christie autobiography at this stage in his career—unless Christie is writing a comic novel about politics.

Anyway, he’s back. Thanks to Trump’s comprehensive pardon, Christie no longer has to worry about being locked up for his roles in BridgeGate and mishandling federal funds for NJ construction projects. Guilty? Probably. The pokey? Never.

*Sources close to each other disclosed the pardon on promises of condition of anonymity, confidentiality and comic relief for what’s ahead.


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