Dangerous Donald

Trump-Like Treatment for Trump

Trump is a clever fellow. If there has ever been a presidential candidate as good at one-word labeling of opponents as the Artful Donald, tell me who he was. There are tons of memorable lines from presidential campaigns, but nothing the way his single modifiers zing like “Little Marco” or “Crooked Hillary.”

The closest I can think of is Harry Truman’s hard-hitting and successful “do-nothing Congress” in 1948. But that was about a large group, not one person. (And closer to two words than one.) We need a Trump-like adjective better than “The Donald.”

I offer “Dangerous Donald”. It meets his criteria: alliterative, easy to remember and artfully sticky. Trump is dangerous for more reasons than I can count. Most of all, he is existentially risky for America as a president who is proud to know so little about so much.

He is dangerous to consumers because Donald has no interest in product safety, truth in advertising,  food label accuracy and corporate mistreatment of consumers. Dangerous Donald is uncharacterically quiet about how “great” he would be for us. Maybe it’s because he has never been one of us. Hard to imagine Trump ever in his life going grocery shopping, trying to reach Customer Service, worrying about college tuition or noticing the steep climb of prescription prices. And I bet he has never flown in coach class–he’d need two seats, trust me.

So if you think Donald is dangerous, forward this post to your friends. And remember it on Election Day.



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