Trump Fires Trump

It was bound to happen

breaking_news_3-150x150Sources close to Donald Trump report he fired himself after a stormy meeting with himself at Trump Towers. The meeting was a review of the past six weeks since he became the Republican Party’s “presumed” presidential candidate.

The agenda for the meeting was the lack of campaign funding contributions and Trump’s new disapproval ratings of 70%. Trump’s staff had expected forceful actions to follow the meeting.

A reliable source, speaking in confidence to me because he was not authorized to speak to the press, said The Donald shouted, “You’re fired!” loud enough to be heard in New Jersey. Next came the sounds of a large object hitting a wall and lots of broken glass.

Implementation of the firing could be complicated. Did he have the authority to fire himself? Can his vice-presidential choice—rumored to be Chris Christie—take over? Given Trump’s evolving state of mind on key issues, can he change his mind and appoint himself as his successor? Or does the Trump Board of Directors have to approve? Or might he claim the story was exaggerated and taken out of context?

CNN is trying to learn what was thrown and what was broken. Stay tuned for further developments


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