Trump Spills The Beans

The outrageous things Cruz’s wife did

Outraged over the scantily clad picture of the third Mrs. Trump recently shown by Cruz operatives, Donald Trump threatened to “spill the beans” on Senator Cruz’s wife, Heidi. Now sources close to Trump have just  revealed what she did:

-Heidi Cruz signed two different petitions for Texas to leave the Union.

-Mrs. Cruz rode a unicycle during last year’s Memorial Day Parade in Dallas.

-She crashed Donald Trump’s third wedding party.

-According to guests at that wedding party, she got high on lemonade and continued to dance after the orchestra stopped playing.

-She has frequently said that if Trump gets married a fourth time, she’ll crash that one, too.

-During a recent church service during which Senator Cruz delivered the guest sermon, she fell asleep.

These revelations may derail Senator Cruz’s attempts to overtake The Donald. He may try to change the subject by providing details of his foreign policy plans, thereby forcing Mr. Trump to reveal his. However, my Trump sources tell me that there may be even more sensational beans to spill about Mrs. Cruz. The beans may be a game changer.



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