Trump Chooses Christie For Attorney General

Christie Will Also Continue As Governor of NJ

breaking_news_3-150x150Confident that “Super Tuesday” has locked him into becoming the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump today held an impromptu news conference to announce his first major appointment immediately after he takes the oath of office on January 17, 2017: Chris Christie as Attorney General.

With a beaming Governor Chris Christie at his side, the President-to-be said, “I love Chris Christie. He’s my kind of guy. He doesn’t just talk about making government smaller, he governs less and that means less government. He stays out of New Jersey. That keeps the legislature—filled with Democrats—from messing up the lives of ordinary New Jersesians. I love New Jersey, especially Atlantic City.”

Trump made more news when he said Governor Christie will also continue to be the Governor of New Jersey after he is made the US Attorney General. “I know this guy. He’s huge, especially as a multi-tasker. Last year he was away from New Jersey for 252 days and nothing happened. New Jersey is still there. This year he was back there for the big storm. That shows less governing is better governing.”

Christie came to the press conference carrying a suitcase: “See this suitcase? I can’t wait to get on the road for Trump. A few Republicans need to be talked to. I am not going to mince words with these folks. This train is about to leave the station. They better get on board now—or after March 15they’ll wish they had. They are either with us or against us. Next year President Trump will be the decider-in-chief—and I’ll be the enforcer-in-chief. OK, I gotta go now.”

After a reporter asked whether this means that Christie will not be held accountable for BridgeGate, he was booed by Trump and Christie supporters and his press pass shredded.







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