Will Volkswagen Execs Be Recalled?

DieselGate #3: VW execs have some explaining to do

Never mind that VW still hasn’t come up with a plan to recall those 488,000 Volkswagen diesel polluters sold in the USA. Instead let’s have VW executives recalled to testify this time under oath. The Environmental Protection Agency just discovered 10,000 Audis and Porsches as also puffing nitrogen oxides “as much as 40 times [over] legal limits.”*

We might learn more than when VW execs showed up for congressional hearings after the VW story first broke in September. The VW execs were not burdened with that oath “to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Violating that oath can be perjury. It’s one thing to be a polluter, but it’s another to be a polluting perjurer. That’s a guarantee of jail time.

Historically that oath has has been inconvenient to some witnesses—especially members of organized crime groups. It’s not for me to say auto execs might be like big time mobsters taking the 5th to dodge self-incrimination. That’s for the House Energy and Commerce Committee to decide. It should invite American VW execs to return to testify under oath regarding how many VW autos are puffing anything illegal, exactly when recall plans will appear, and what will be done to compensate Americans who unwittingly bought the cars.

In fairness to Volkswagen, it claims the EPA is wrong about the latest charges about diesel Audis and Porsches. If VW wants to restore public confidence, VW should publicly demand a chance to refute the EPA under oath.

*Consumerist Takeaway: See the latest on VW’s fraud problems in the NY Times (quoted above) www.nytimes.com/.webloc

or The Financial Times late-breaking story about VW cheating on CO2 tests: VW cheating probe spread#B0DFDF


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