GW Bridge Closure To Make New Headlines?

Especially if perpetrators have to pay commuters

breaking_news_3-150x150Indictments of Governor Chris Christie’s former staffers—and perhaps the big guy as well—may be delivered this week (according to MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews). If so, there may be a pile of indictments: not just for the George Washington Bridge closure, but also for improprieties in how federal funds were misused by the Christie administration.

As overdue as indictments for violations of responsibility and accountability are, completely missing in action is compensation for commuters. The bridge closing cost several hundred thousand commuters hundreds of thousands of dollars on each jammed day. Why not compensation for lost time on hourly jobs, cost of gasoline and punitive damages? (Starting place might be electronic records of EZ-Pass drivers caught during the massive traffic jams.) Which innovative New Jersey politician might introduce an action to collect damages for commuters from perpetrators found guilty? Rather than the state of NJ paying for this, the perps should pay up: Irresponsibility + Accountability = Compensation.

As for how any indictments might affect Governor Christie’s chances for the Republican nomination for the presidency (or vice presidency) in 2016, his opportunity for political advancement is currently limited to appointing himself as senator if Senator Menendez resigns as a result of last week’s indictment against him. (Here in New Jersey, resignations and indictments for governors and senators are as regular as the tides.) Christie’s high disapproval ratings in NJ may be why the big guy has spent 33% of his time in other states over the past 16 months.

Christie is now a part-time governor looking for a full-time job. If he is indicted, he may be spending a lot more time away from the job.



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