Happy Anniversary, Governor

Christie on the run?

This week is the first anniversary of the 4-day tie-ups of the busiest bridge in the USA. Four days of complete but mysterious traffic jams, initially explained as a “traffic study” by top appointees of Governor Christie. When Christie looked into the situation, he said he had been “let down” by three top officials. They were then fired or resigned. Since then, Christie has had other priorities.

But BridgeGate has so many burning questions, yet so few answers:

If ever indicted, where will he be served? On a what-did-he-know-and-when basis, NJ, NY and federal investigations are in pursuit of Governor Christie’s role in the 4-day stoppage. If there is an indictment moment for Christie, the problem will be indictment delivery. He is not in NJ as much as he used to be.

Where has he been? Virginia, New Hampshire, California, Rhode Island, New York, Iowa and Mexico. Aside from Mexico, all of these places are Republican primary states in 2016.

Who is paying for this travel? The governor won’t say who pays for the airfares for him and his staff, the accommodations and the meals because he firmly believes it is nobody’s business. Mark Lagerkvist, an award-winning journalist, has tried to legally pry the info loose—and therefore banned from the governor’s news conferences*.

How does NJ benefit from all these getaways? For one thing, there have been no more bridge closings.

Consumerist Issue: What other BridgeGate matters remain? No investigation has pursued consumer compensation. The pundits, the NJ legislature and the fed investigators are unconcerned with damages that should be paid to hundreds of thousands of commuters that lost work time from jobs and extra fuel while stalled. Start with the tens of thousands of cars with NJ E-ZPass that show when they were held up at BridgeGate.


*To get full coverage of Governor Christie’s travel cost cover-ups, see Mark Lagerkvist’s NJ Watchdog blog New Jersey Watchdog.org.webloc.




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