Name That Party

Help Republicans Find A New Name


The Republican Party needs a name consistent with its new principles. As a public service, I invite my blog readers to help Republicans find their way in these difficult days.


Consider four suggested names—or come up with another:


The Teapublican Party. The Tea Party has captured command and control of the GOP. A “Republican” who hints at compromise is labeled RINO (Republican In Name Only) and subject to a primary purge.  


The Stupid Party. Republican Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana suggested “The Stupid Party” when commenting on the party’s readiness to close down the government.


God’s Own Party. Claiming a direct connection to a deity is a favorite tool of many politicians. The GOP has this market cornered, so the new name would please the faithful.


The Anti-Government Party. The Republicans combine Know Nothings, Do-Nothings and Undo Everythings. Being “anti” is their unifying principle. (Never mind the irony of governing by anti-governing.)


None of the Above.  Or make this a write-in ballot. Send me a better name.


The winning name needs at least 51% of the votes. Otherwise, there will be a run-off of the top two. Results will be published in a future post.


To cast your vote, scroll down to the LEAVE A REPLY box below.  NOTE: If new to my blog, not to worry, there’s no poll tax and you do not need an ID. Plus your name will never be sold, rented or given to anyone for any purpose


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