Will Comcast Switch CDA to PODA?

My Latest Recommendations to Comcast


If I mumbled when asking for a tricky listing—like for the business number of The Amazing Anastasani Circus Tent Rental in Englewood FL*—I would be sympathetic when your Comcast Directory Assistance (CDA) gets stymied.


When dialing your 411 for listings of well-known corporations in well-known cities, Comcast Directory Assistance often misunderstands key words. New York City becomes Newark. AT&T becomes T&T, each an example of remarkably bizarre approximations of what was asked for. My favorite is “Comcast” turned into kumquat. When finally found, many numbers are wrong or “no longer in service.”

Recommendation #1:Comcast should commit a portion of its profitability to installation of up of state-of-the-art voice-recognition systems and electronically up-to-date phone number directories. And tie executive bonuses to consumerist-friendly directory assistance.  


Also, I object to hearing a commercial before I get a number from Comcast Directory Assistance. The commercial begins Did you know that Comcast now offers…” and then describes a service incredibly irrelevant to the number I am seeking. But since CDA asked, my answer is I didn’t know, don’t care to know, only want to know the correct number. Why else do you think I called 411?


Recommendation #2: CDA is undoubtedly more profitable to Comcast so long as it is not made more useful to consumers by being accurate and commercial free. So just alter its name. Call it Promotional and Occasional Directory Assistance. It would honestly describe the service and make a neat acronym: PODA.


*Readers: If you need a circus tent, Anastasani is the place to start.


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