Letter From A Reader With A Schwinn

Hello Mr. Selden,

   My name is Lee Belding, age 14, and I have recently purchased a copy of your book, The Consumerist Manifesto Handbook. I completely loved the book. This is the best book I have ever read; well actually this is the only book I have ever read without being forced to! I read this book the whole time I was vacationing in Florida, stopping to post about how great the book was on Facebook. I have learned so much from this book, and since reading it I have contacted: Milton Bradley, Drumsticks Ice-Cream, Lean Cuisine, Stridex, Food Systems Unlimited, PackIt, Our Family, Lysol, Joe Boxer, Healthy Choice, Memorex Electronics, Meijer Brand Tacos, Nike, Clearasil, and Sharpie. Mostly all of them were a success. I am also in a predicament  with Schwinn Bicycles. Schwinn claims all bicycles have a life time warranty. I purchased one 2 summers ago for over $180 and ever since I purchased it the gears do not shift properly, and it makes a “clanking” noise. They were also going to send me a new fender but after a month of waiting it was the wrong one. I called Schwinn and they were going to send me a new crank, whatever a crank is. I have no idea how to install any of these parts they send me. Do you have any tips of ideas on what I should do? Back to the point now, the book was great!


Lee Belding

Consumer Takeaway: I contactedn Schwinn on Lee’s behalf. No easy matter now that it is part of the Cycling Sports Group, a subdivision of the Recreational Leisure Segment of Dorel Industries that acquired Schwinn. I am impressed that Lee Belding even got through the corporate maze and came away with a fender, even it was not the right fender! The kid has a future!

Schwinn ought to hire him as a consultant.


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