Criminals Are Good At Customer Service

Consumerist Suspicions Confirmed By The Economist


breaking_news_3-150x150The best customer service workers may have criminal records. Don’t take my word for it, read the The Economist: “…for customer-support calls, people with a criminal background actually perform a bit better.” *


   The Economist article discusses corporate uses of software to hire better people more efficiently. By “better” The Economist means better for the corporation, not the consumer. No surprise to me: I talk to a lot of customer service reps at large corporations—when I can get through, that is. The idea is first to push consumers into low-cost “electronic solutions” that rely on Do It Yourself (DIY) or websites with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) without any useful questions, so they result in useless answers.  For consumers who need real people with real answers, the

live telemarketing people lie in wait—or lie after we wait.


   If corporate managers read The Economist the article, will they add “criminal experience desired” when looking for people to work Customer Service desks? Not any criminal will do. Only those with with the right skills need apply: Can talk fast, make up promises to shorten calls, be convincingly apologetic, stay cool under fire, and reassure callers everything is going to be alright before disconnecting or transferring callers to a number that will ring busy.


  And there is the socially responsive angle. By hiring people with a criminal background, corporations can get high marks by giving them a second chance at or below the minimum wage.


For the article from The Economist: Big data and hiring- Rob#28D484





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