Comcast Wins “Fly The Flag Proudly Award”

 Benefit of Comcast’s Offshore/Outsource Strategy

ftfp_thumb Comcast handles escalation of customer demand for service for flawful Xfinity Triple Play “bundles” without worrying stock analysts.

    Bundling technological products is enormously profitable for Comcast—so long as it keeps a lid on customer support when bundles buckle. Comcast Xfinity “bundles” cable, phone and Internet. * In 2012 its high-speed Internet connections slowed, phone calls dropped and cable transmissions were interrupted.  Recorded answers to calls for service began “due to heavy call volume…”


   So many people calling, so few answering. Comcast management’s solution was keep service cheap to keep stock analysts happy by offshoring and outsourcing customer support to the Philippines.

   The unintended consequence is the Consumerist Manifesto Fly The Flag Proudly Award for 2012. It authorizes Comcast to fly the Philippines flag next to the American flag at Comcast HQ in America. No one at the Philippines center is allowed to divulge Comcast’s USA phone number or corporate addressor, so I am unable to send the award letter. It’s suitable for framing. But I digress.

    Comcast knows what it is doing. Congress gives tax breaks for offshoring jobs. Philippine labor is cheap and non-union. Operators may be unable to fix or explain Comcast technical problems, but stay steadfastly polite for about 15 minutes before they disconnect—or the call drops

   Apple won the 2011 Fly the Flag Proudly Award for creating three times more jobs in China than in Apple USA. Did the 2011 award inspire Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) to move some manufacturing back to America? Something did: Cook was credited by President Obama in the State of the Union speech for moving jobs back. Will Comcast also bring jobs home?


Consumer Takeaway: Be wary of Comcast offshore/outsource service, but consider buying its stock: Last 52 weeks: low 28 but currently about 42.

*In my The Consumerist Manifesto Handbook, Chapter 2 explains “Rush to Market” abuses of consumers.



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