Let Texas Go

Downsizing Benefits for the Other 49



Over 200,000 Texans have petitioned for Texas to secede from the Union. Except when running for the Republican presidential nomination, Texas Governor Rick Perry supports secession. Ordinarily secession is a bad idea, but let’s think “out of the box.” Without Texas, the other 49 states would be in a stronger union:


Deficit reductionTexas receives more in federal dollars than it sends to Washington in taxes. Minus 25 million Texans, the remaining 285 million Americans in the remaining 49 states would get a deficit reduction.

Better representation in the House of Representatives. Texas is far from two-thirds Republican, yet 24 of 36 Texas US House seats are Republican. Re-distribution to the other states would shrink the narrow Republican house majority.

Reduce our costs of military bases and federal buildings. Texas has a disproportionate number of military bases—15 of them, plus an extraordinary number of other federal buildings. None would be needed by or paid for by us.

Texas could buy military equipment from us. We can sell them used aircraft carriers, surplus fighter jets, and all the assault weapons Texans need to protect themselves from other Texans. We can use the money and they can use the weapons.

Our US flag industry would surge.  Every 50-star flag would have to be replaced. Just in case, let’s have a law that American flags are made in America.

Consumer victory. Departure of Texas Senators Cornyn and Cruz would help consumer protection efforts. Both oppose the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and the appointment of Richard Cordray as its chief.

Texas can become The Republic of Texas. Governor Perry can at last be a President and already has a flag to wave. Happy ending for everyone.





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