Comcast Service: Overwhelmed, Understaffed

Comcast Guarantee? Customer Disservice

On Friday a Comcast techie showed up on time to fix the Comcast phone that failed again on Thursday after a previous techie fixed it on Wednesday. The latest techie went to the wrong house. Then to see if I was there, he called the non-working number he was supposed to fix. 


You can’t make this stuff up: When the techie did not show up at my house on Friday, I called Comcast. Comcast said the techie called Techie Center to report he was “at the white house with the red door, but no one answered the phone.” Our house is white, the door is brown. Instead of using the cell phone number Comcast Customer Service told him to use, he called the number he was to fix.

For the past six weeks a parade of Comcast techies have made non-durable fixes for “connectivity,” slow “hi-speed” Internet service (Comcast’s hi-speed Internet travels at half the speed of AT&T) and two failed attempts to fix my Comcast phone, which is now deader than the new Comcast Customer Guarantee.

Comcast is an under-regulated “near monopoly.” Comcast corporate management regards customer service as a “cost center,” not a “profit center.” So Comcast has gone down the outsource/offshore road because Comcast knows (a) regulators let Comcast get away with it and may get tax breaks for doing so and (b) bonuses go to executives who cut service costs.


Consumerist Takeaway: The number Comcast urges a consumer to call is 1-800-COMCAST. That is a trip through the never-never land of “Due to unusually heavy call volume….” Instead, try Comcast Corporate at 215-286-1700. If you are lucky, corporate will turn you over to Comcast Executive Customer Relations. It is understaffed and has no influence over Comcast Technical. But it will share your pain and make promises it is powerless to keep.  Delusional, of course, but it is Comcast’s strength: Creating consumer delusions.  If you call, don’t tell them I sent you because they will put you on the Comcast Enemy List.





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