Whole Foods CEO Digs Deeper Hole

Regrets calling Obamacare “fascism” but says he used dictionary definition

New Whole Foods idea

New Whole Foods idea

Today John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods, went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to say he regretted calling Obamacare “fascism.” He explained he correctly used the dictionary definition, but since the word has so much “baggage” it was not a good choice. *

Mackey is on a campaign to get the government from interfering with the food industry. Whatever gripe Mackey has with what he thinks is a fascist government, it does not include any trouble Whole Foods has in not delivering on the promises of words like FRESH, LOCAL, ORGANIC, SWEET and SUPER SWEET that pop up everywhere in Whole Foods Produce Departments.

Whole Foods corporate stonewalls my inquiries regarding what those words mean. (They may believe I am a fascist because I am in NJ and they are in TX.) Since the US Department of Agriculture looks the other way when the agricultural industry uses that sort of signage, I suppose that’s one department Mackey approves of.

There is a word that Mackey’s Whole Food organization classifies as forbidden fruit. It is UNION. Whole Foods employees tell me it is unwise for them to even say “that word” if they want to keep their low-paying jobs.

But let’s be fair. Hats off to Whole Foods for its latest consumer convenience: A special Express Exit for consumers with zero or fewer items as pictured here in its West Orange NJ store.

* The Random House College Dictionary defines fascism as “a totalitarian government system led by a dictator and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”


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