Be Cool During ADT Alarm Event

 Part One: The Current ADT Script

Your ADT alarm starts shrieking at ear-piercing decibel rates. Did you mistakenly set it off? Has a burglar arrived? Do you smell smoke? Have vandals stormed the gates? Do you want ADT to send the cops or stop the cops? Whatever, be cool before you call ADT.

Be ready for ADT’s emergency number: Insert earplugs to lessen the sound of the alarm. Take a deep breath. Say a quick prayer to the God of Emergency Numbers. If you live in Texas or Arizona, turn off the safety on your firearm.

Your responsibility is to choose the right ADT person. ADT has adopted the new idea in consumer service: consumer self-service. This is the current ADT script:

Thank you for calling ADT Security Services. Calls may be monitored for quality purposes. For home security systems, press one. For business security systems, press two. [Pause]

Please listen carefully as our options have changed. [Pause]

If you are calling in reference to a system originally installed by Brinks or Broadview Security, please press six. If you are calling about an ADT installed system, or would like information about purchasing an ADT system, please press seven. [Pause]

If you are interested in purchasing an ADT system, press pound. If your alarm is going off, press one. [Pause]

Note: If the “due to heavy call volume”routine comes up, a live operator will come on—eventually.  Remember: Stay Cool.

Once connected, about 2 minutes will be needed for verification before making the decision to call the cops or stop the cops.

Consumer Takeaway: Professional burglars count on 5 minutes before a cop arrives following an alert to the cops from any residential security system. ADT’s script increases the time—and if you do not enter the right responses, it will be your fault because if you did not listen carefully.

Next Post: A Recommended ADT Self-Service Script.


See Chapter 6 of my Consumerist Manifesto Handbook for more about Customer Disservice.


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