Consumerist Ideas For President Obama

Dare consumers hope for real change this time?

The President recently asked CEOs of top American corporations for new ideas for his second term. Will they include moving jobs back to America? Or ways to help consumers?

If the CEOs let him down, here are new ideas

1. Change the Department of Agriculture’s mission from looking out for the interests of the agricultural industry to looking out for the interests of American consumers.Consumer benefit: Full transparency of where our food comes from, frequency of inspections and identity of inspectors.

2. Expand the Federal Trade Commission’s enforcement of Do Not Call to fully enforce the $16,000 per call penalty violation of registered consumer numbers.(That’s right, the agency could be getting millions from robo-calls and robo-faxes we receive every day. (Telemarketers willfully ignore rules about “scrubbing” their lists of DNC numbers.) Consumer benefit: Fewer unwanted calls—and a net profit for FTC time and effort.

3. Command the FCC to develop and collect royalty fees for essentially giveaway bandwidth licenses for commercial TV and radio. Build a royalty formula based on ad revenues and audience sizes. Consumer benefit: The air belongs to the people, not the corporations. We put up with their ads, let’s share the take.

4. If American corporations continue to offshore* jobs, make a speech asking American corporations to fly the flags of the countries to which they send manufacturing and support job

The presidential election changed the political landscape. The President’s press conference on Wednesday showed he understands his victory as a genuine mandate. The wind is at Obama’s back. Will he drop anchor as he did in 2009? Or will he feel that wind and use it to fight for consumers?


*Most pundits mistakenly call it outsourcing. More accurately, offshoring loses American jobs. More on that in the next post.











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