Romney: Yachts For The Navy

His Plan to Enlarge Naval Power

Mitt Romney says he will give the yacht Cracker Bay to the Navy to “kick-start” rebuilding of the fleet. “When I become the Commander-In-Chief, I will rebuild the Navy on the second day.”  (On the first day he has committed to deal with Chinese currency manipulators.)

The Cracker Bay is the yacht where the thank-you party for his top donors was held during the Republican convention in Tampa. A super-size yacht, it has room for a large military crew and equipment. The Romney friend who owns it was persuaded to be the first CEO yacht-giver.

Romney sprinkled his comments with military talk. He referred to the plan as “YFTN,” Navy shorthand for Yachts For The Navy. Unlike recent Romney plans, he gave details:

Give-A-Yacht: “I will personally urge CEOs to give large yachts to the Navy. I’ve been on a lot of those yachts, so I have made a little list.” In addition to the patriotism part, there is a 150% cost-of-yacht tax break.

Retrofit: “Deck chairs and other civilian stuff will be removed for installation of modern weapons and stuff for military ops. The retrofit work will also create civilian jobs.”

Reflag: The Cracker Bay is registered in the Cayman Islands to avoid bothersome regulations imposed by American registry. Romney said, “Flying the American flag alongside the Caymans’ flag will be as easy as storing money in the Caymans.” Romney frequently travels to the Caymans to visit money he and Bain Capital store there.

Yacht Carriers: Part of Romney’s proposed $2 trillion increase in defense spending will go to design and building of 4 yacht carriers to move militarized yachts. “Aircraft carriers are no good for deploying yachts.”

Mission: “The yachts will be ready for catch-and-destroy missions against pirates threatening American states off the waters of Florida, Arizona, Virginia and Ohio.” 



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One Response to “Romney: Yachts For The Navy”

  1. Gary Nelson October 26, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

    I just wonder what will be taking place on these “War Yachts”. The biggest thing that baffles me about Romney is not him so much. He is what he is. But the huge numbers of people who don’t seem to notice how inconsistent and just plain weird he is.

    The fact that so many people would be willing to put this guy, and his type in charge of anything, much less the USA is frightening.

    When asked what is the bigggest threat to our country on a world wide scale; the answer is not Iran, Pakistan, China, Mexico or any other country. The answer is the people of the USA. So many are so blind to what this right wing agenda has already caused and will certainly cause in the future if the election goes the wrong way. Even if Obama wins, he still has to deal with these folks.

    We have to pretend climate change might not really be happening. Not because it isn’t happening, because of the backlash just from mentioning it. The science is there, but it is so easy to jumble the reports, a huge portion of the population thinks it is not happening.

    Democrats are really the ones who are the most to blame. The people who should be voting for Democrats are also the ones least likely to go to the polls. Voting should be mandatory. Even if you don’t want to vote, at least you have to declaire you are not voting.

    It would be so ironic if Obama looses this election because so many are going to stay home because of the severe weather taking place. Three freak systems all colliding at once. Climate change make some things hotter and some things colder. Some places are drier and some wetter. The whole thing about the weather is everything is trying to reach equalibrium. The bigger the difference from one region to another the bigger the weather event. Bigger hurricanes, bigger droughts, more tornados. Bigger oceans; the amount of ice melting in the poles of the earth is frightening.

    Pretty soon it will not be solved with an election, it is going to take a revolution!