Don’t Mess With Big Bird

Advice to Mitt Romney: Watch Out for Oscar!

Mitt Romney wants to defund Big Bird?! Is he crazy? Messing with Big Bird is dumb, but arousing the wrath of Oscar the Grouch is, well, really dumb. Let me explain.

Romney was badly prepped by his preppers. Had they vetted Big Bird, they would have known that Carroll Spinney was the puppeteer inside the bird—and the guy who also popped out of the garbage can as Oscar the Grouch. 

Poor Romney. He has stepped into the classic good bird, bad grouch situation. Only a matter of time before Oscar the Grouch goes after Mitt the Bird Defunder. Here comes Oscar:

Grrrr. Stop picking on Big Bird. He’s a friend of mine, if you get my drift.

Mitty, I thought you liked kids. Big Bird has helped more kids learn to read than any one you know. What are you thinking?

What’s your next bad idea? Taking the hat away from the Cat In The Hat?  Asking Mickey and Minnie Mouse to show a marriage certificate?

A critical qualification for the presidency is being either Pro-Big Bird or Anti-Big Bird. We now know where Mitt stands. The Anti-Big Bird crowd believes in self-education, starting with teaching yourself to read. As Oscar would say, Grrrr. Go stand in a corner, Mitty.





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