Romney’s First Fireside Chat

 Advance Text of Romney’s Pre-Debate “Chat”

Romney’s Fireside Chat

Tonight, my fellow consumers, I want to chat with consumers like you about some tricky stuff the President may pull during our Wednesday debate on domestic issues.

My opponent will try to distort my words, derail my message and destroy the chance for you to be back on the road to consumer satisfaction.  Watch out for Democrat dirty tricks, like quoting me.

And don’t be surprised if he portrays me as “out of touch” with most American consumers because I don’t spend much time at Home Depot or shop for groceries or personally fill all the gas tanks in all my cars. As one consumer to another, who do you think will help consumers more—Obama or me?

He will claim that four years ago our economy was “on the precipice.”  He pretends the economy then was about to collapse. Wrong. It was in what economists call “the hiccup phase.” I know about these things.  Had he left everything alone, stopped the bailout, let the market work, everything would have been OK. You’d be more satisfied today had he stayed out of the way. Is our economy better off now than then?

He may say I have not presented details of how I would help consumers. Of course I haven’t. He doesn’t understand how government works, but I do. You start with visions. I have plenty of visions. The details come after I am elected. I have spent years with my visions. I’m ready to be President. Are you ready?

In the end, it’s all about character and trust.  I am Mitt Romney, a moderately compassionate conservative faith-driven Republican who saved the Olympics and now can help consumers get complete customer satisfaction, from sea to shining sea. Just trust me.

Let the debates begin!


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