Eastwood Secretly Working For Democrats

Will I Get Invited To The White House?

Role As A Double Agent Revealed

Clint Eastwood’s 12-minute “secret guest” appearance was neither bizarre nor unscripted: He was a double agent working for President Obama.

When the Romney staff approached Eastwood to be a surprise guest at the Republican convention, Eastwood—given his liberal pro-choice and pro-environment positions—was surprised. He told Hollywood friends. They put him in touch with the White House. The President’s staff and Eastwood came up the idea that Eastwood play a befuddled octogenarian with a shaky connection to facts—and therefore whose last-minute request for a chair would not alarm anyone.

Eastwood’s other conditions were no teleprompter (he hates them) and a prime time spot.* No advance script review by RNC people was needed because script approval would be by the White House.

Now that the White House connection is out in the open, the Eastwood spot makes sense. In interviews Eastwood is sharp and on message (and is usually sitting). Also, Eastwood has a film release on September 21st that could use a promotional bump.

Once Eastwood got rolling, he ignored Republican staffer signals to end the routine. The Republicans had scheduled him for a 5-minute spot, but the White House told him to take as long as he needed.


*For more, see Before Talk With Chair, Clearance From the Top by Michael Barbaro and Michael D. Shear, New York Times, pages A1 and A15, September 1, 2012.





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