Romney As A Regular Guy

“Just Plain Mitt” To Be Released at GOP Convention

This week the Romney campaign will premier a series of several two-minute TV spots at the GOP convention.  Called “Just Plain Mitt,” the episodes aim at humanizing Romney. They show Mitt Romney in refreshingly different roles from the usual scripted and staged events. The new look is Romney as a man of the people in live-action situations.

Focus groups gave the highest marks to:

“Mitt As a Water-Skier” was filmed on a lake owned by the Romneys in Switzerland. A humanizing touch is how his jeans outfit clings to his body after a few exciting leaps over waves. Afterwards, a smiling Romney comments it was the only casual outfit he owns.

Focus folks liked how Mitt handles the ruckus in the fast checkout line during the filming of “Mitt Shops For Groceries” recorded at a Whole Foods store in Aspen: He brings his own recyclable bag and chooses only foods grown in the USA. But the event almost gets out of hand when Mitt instinctively goes to the head of the express lane ahead of 9 annoyed customers. Mitt’s humility wins the day, “Oh, I didn’t know. You see, Ann usually does the shopping in our family. I won’t do that again!”

The focus group favorite was “Mitt at the Emergency Room.” It opens with Mitt giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a hedge fund manager who has just read Obama’s tax plan for the 1%. Mitt drives the guy to the ER, hands him a voucher, and takes the fellow by the shoulders saying, “We must work together to keep this from happening to our friends and neighbors!”


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